The Tipsy Gypsy is a mobile bar for hire, out of Raleigh, NC, serving anywhere you're throwing a good party.

No matter how big or small, a party is a place where your friends and family gather to laugh, share stories, and have fun. Since the bar is a focal point, why not make it memorable!

Meet Esmeralda, caravan and mobile bar.

See Her Story

Esmeralda has been on quite the journey in search of a community where she could fulfill her passion.

She is a completely renovated, vintage 1962 Shasta Camper bringing charm and sophistication to your party. Inside, she is a fully-equipped bar and beverage service station.

Weddings, private parties, pig pickin’, tail gates, block parties, seafood boil, Kentucky Derby party, or even a corporate event…Esmeralda will caravan to you.

On Your Terms

Meet Esmeralda, Raleigh’s first mobile bar traveling to your event to provide professional bar service.

Anywhere You Can Dream

She sets up just about anywhere in the Carolina’s to serve specialty cocktails, beer, and wine.

& Be Treated Like Royalty

She is staffed by skilled bartenders making custom hand-crafted cocktails on location.

Let's Talk About Your Event